Security By Design

The Security By Design (SBD) team, part of the Complex Cyber Infrastructure (CCI) group, researches how to secure embedded and cyber-physical systems, with a particular focus on side-channel attacks and efficient implementation of security primitives. We build secure implementations of hardware, software and hardware/software co-designed systems. We also design tools to automate the construction and the verification of secure systems and architectures.



Please find vacancies of the SBD team here.




Stefan Wijnja

Former Students


Tarick Welling (now at University of Stuttgart)

Community Activities

ASCI A29 - Hardware and System Security Course

Part of the Advanced School for Computing and Imaging (ASCI), the Dutch research school for high-quality research and education in computer systems and imaging systems, the course aims to provide a broad overview of embedded and cyber-physical systems security and to engage students via hands-on exercises.


  • P.O. Box 94323, Amsterdam, 1090 GH
  • Visiting address: LAB42, Science Park 900, 1098 XH, Amsterdam